BLT meets TLT

So, as I’ve previously mentioned, I am doing no red meat Monday through Friday.  And yesterday, Sunday, I was craving a BLT. At nine o’clock at night. I had three hours to fulfill my red meat craving before it would be considered Monday. To my dismay, my husband gently reminded me we cooked up my emergency pack of bacon (yes, I always keep an extra pack on hand) last weekend for bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. BUMMER! I was actually contemplating running to the store when I decided I would not give my inner fat girl the satisfaction of hauling my butt to the grocery store when I really ought to be nibbling on carrots or something. Long story made even longer, I settled for a bowl of cereal. Honey nut cheerios with clusters to be specific.

Monday has rolled around as well as lunch time and a BLT was still very much on my mind. (I partly blame the episode of House of Cards we watched last night when Frank eats bacon at 2 AM.) It’s no red meat Monday and I still don’t have any bacon in the house… (the latter being the biggest reason I would not eat bacon because my kids got all cranky after the park and frankly, they would not be fit for public. Not even a five minute stop at the store.) I decided to make a TLT. Tuna-lettuce-tomato. But in order to even pretend replacing bacon is a pliable option, I had to really doctor up a can of tuna. I was able to scrounge up the following:

1 can white albacore tuna

1 tbs pickled jalapenos

1/8 cup thawed peas

1/4 tsp onion powder

2 tbs mayo

1 tsp mustard

Salt and pepper to taste


1 tbs of pepperonis

2 slices of tomato

1 romaine leaf

2 toasted pieces of wheat bread

For a healthy bacon substitute, this sandwich hit the spot and replaced a BLT nicely. 





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