Kale and Black Bean Burrrrritos

I’ve never been a big fan of the idea of kale on my tacos in place of iceberg lettuce or romaine. And I love kale. HOWEVER, these were delicious. The original kale and black bean burrito recipe called for feta cheese (which I didn’t have but think would have been really good.) I used Monterey Jack because it’s what I had on hand. Additionally, I added tomato… just because I like tomato.

I feel like what really made this taco come together nicely was the seasonings on the kale. It was “citrusy” and flavorful. The recipe called for the kale to be tossed with fresh cilantro and jalapeno (which you can’t have too much of either. Well, maybe jalapeno), lime juice, chili powder, cumin and salt and then set aside to marinate for a few minutes. I’m pretty sure I could eat just the kale with that marinade as a salad. I used half a jalapeno fresh from my garden and found I could have used a little more heat. I would use a whole jalapeno for that amount of kale next time. Also important to note, this recipe has a major pet peeve of mine… “a pinch of this, a dash of that.” I prefer to be precise and accurate. Call me anal or slightly (majorly?) compulsive. So, when it came to the powdered seasonings, I just sprinkled evenly and generously.

Image 1

Rather than just throwing some cold black beans into a burrito, as the name suggests, I really liked how the black beans were heated and smashed with sauteed garlic. Brought some extra flavor to the somewhat bland black bean. Once that was done, it was just a matter of layering all the goodness into the tortilla. I only had taco sized tortillas on hand and in hindsight, I really needed a burrito sized tortilla. You’ll see what I mean.

Image 3 Image

Image 4Image 2

These were really fantastic. I can’t think of anything I’d do all that differently next time aside from more jalapeno… But I will say, these were lunch for us. I’m not sure I would have been fulfilled had they been dinner.

I’d rate these a 9.

Husband rated an 8 saying, “I liked them. I’d eat them again.” So, I’d say they were a success.

Next week, Olive Garden mock Minestrone soup.

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